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A creative collective that has been active since 2016.

Centered around the photographer, Takuma Suda, and the designer, Hiroshi Hashimoto, they are a project that includes hair and makeup artists, stylists, and captures new actors and actresses as works in photographs.

They have quickly focused on actors who are currently attracting attention, such as Mahiro Takasugi, Hiroya Shimizu, Ryusei Yokohama, Naoya Shimizu, Yuka Kori, and others.

In 2023, personx was renewed.
Launching the "Nanami Yamazaki One-Year Project"! They will capture a year of Nanami Yamazaki's life from the third year of junior high school to the first year of high school as a work each month.


山﨑 七海 Nanami Yamazaki

山﨑 七海Nanami Yamazaki


出演作にドラマ「シジュウカラ」(TX、22)、「生理のおじさんとその娘」(NHK、23)。MVにMrs.GREEN APLLE「ケセラセラ」Official髭男dism「I LOVE…」など。Official髭男dism「Universe」ではMV主演を務めた。


Born on June 27, 2008, in Tokyo, she is affiliated with UNBLNK Inc.

She made her film debut in the movie "Nagisa", and walked the red carpet at the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival. Her works include the dramas "Shijukara" (TX, '22) and "The Period Man and His Daughter" (NHK, '23). She has also appeared in music videos such as Mrs. GREEN APPLE's "Que Sera Sera" and Official HIGE DANDism's "I LOVE...". She starred in the music video for Official HIGE DANDism's "Universe".

Since May 12, 2023, the movie "Nagisa" has been showing at Theatre Shinjuku. Also, she is a new actress who is continuously appearing in topical works, and her movie "Thirst" (KADOKAWA) will start screening nationwide from June 2, 2023.